JUNE 6 (Sabbath) Speaker: Pastor David Livergood

Fellowship Lunch downstairs following the service - everyone welcome!

3:30 Retirement Home Singing

6pm Empty Nesters Social Group


JULY 10 (Wed) 7pm Church Board Meeting


JULY 11 (Thurs) 6pm Prayer Meeting


JULY 6 (Sabbath) Speaker: Pastor David Livergood


JULY 13 (Sabbath) Speaker: Pastor David Livergood


JULY 15-19 VBS (please register at link in announcements)


JULY 20 (Sabbath) Speaker: Pastor Livergood

2-4pm Integrative Health Class


JULY 21 (Sun) 12:30 Senior Saints Luncheon


JULY 27 (Sabbath) Speaker: Guest


JULY 28 (Sun) 1-3pm Cooking School


AUG 3 (Sabbath) Speaker: Guest


1st Sabbath of each month

Retirement Home Singing 3:30

3rd Sabbath of each month

Integrative Health Class 2-4pm


4th Sabbath of each month

Youth Bible Study Series 2-3pm

Rescue Mission Outreach 3:30pm


Every 3rd Sunday

Senior Saints @ 12:30


Every 4th Sunday

Cooking School 1-3pm 



Prayer Meeting 6pm