Care Corner

The Care Corner is open on Friday mornings from 9-9:30am. If special arrangements need to be made, please fill out the form below or message the FB page.

This is an amazing ministry to our community that runs out of our parking lot. The brown building in the back parking lot holds used medical equipment, most donated by area people. This ministry is well-known to all hospitals, PTs, rehab units, etc in the area. When someone is in need of medical equipment, they can borrow it from our Care Corner at no cost. This is a very established ministry here, as well as a growing one. Right now, the only set hours for the Care Corner is Friday mornings from 9-9:30 and by appointment. There is a huge need for people to help with both opening the Care Corner and helping distribute equipment, as well as delivering larger equipment like beds. If you can help with this ministry, please fill out the form above and put in the comments that you wish to volunteer!!