Our Adventurer Club is for grades 1-4, and is a co-ed Christian program where school-age children can learn skills and earn honors.

Adventurer Pledge 

Because Jesus loves me, 

I will always do my best. 

Adventurer Law 

Jesus can help me to: 

Be obedient 

Be pure 

Be true 

Be kind 

Be respectful 

Be attentive 

Be helpful 

Be cheerful 

Be thoughtful 

Be reverent



adventurer club

Busy Bees - 1st Graders

Sunbeams - 2nd Graders

Builders - 3rd Graders

Helping Hands - 4th Graders

The Curriculum

Children will receive scarves at an induction ceremony which will be worn with the dress uniform. Throughout the year, children will earn awards for achievement, which will be worn on an honor sash. 


The program


The Adventurer program is a fully integrated educational program to assist you in the spiritual development of your child.