Our Adventurer Club is for grades 1-4, and is a co-ed Christian program where school-age children can learn skills and earn honors.

Adventurer Pledge 

Because Jesus loves me, 

I will always do my best. 

Adventurer Law 

Jesus can help me to: 

Be obedient 

Be pure 

Be true 

Be kind 

Be respectful 

Be attentive 

Be helpful 

Be cheerful 

Be thoughtful 

Be reverent




$25 per child

$10 for Baby Birds ages 1-2

(babies under a year may attend for free)


For families with multiple children in the Adventurer and Discovery Clubs, each subsequent child is $5 less:

Child #1 = $25

Child #2 = $20

Child #3 = $15



We are thankful for our donors who allow our fees to be highly subsidized in order to keep our clubs affordable for families! :)

Fees cover: 

  • Club T-shirt

  • Uniform Rental

  • Awards/Patches

  • Workbooks

Additional costs:

  • Field Trips

  • Conference Events



adventurer club

Busy Bees - 1st Graders

Sunbeams - 2nd Graders

Builders - 3rd Graders

Helping Hands - 4th Graders

The Curriculum


Each level covers the core tracks of:

My God

    A. His Plan to Save Me

    B. His Message to me

    C. His Power in My Life

My Family

    A. I Have a Family

    B. Families Care for Each Other

    C. My Family Helps Me Care for Myself

My World

    A. The World of Friends

    B. The World of Other People

    C. The World of Nature

My Self

    A. I Am Special

    B. I Can Make Wise Choices

    C. I Can Care for My Body

Children will receive scarves at an induction ceremony which will be worn with the dress uniform. Throughout the year, children will earn awards for achievement, which will be worn on an honor sash. 


The program


The Adventurer program is a fully integrated educational program to assist you in the spiritual development of your child. 

The program consists of 2 class meetings per month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, and family craft/baking/game nights on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. 

There will be monthly Sabbath activities at which the dress uniform is worn. There will also be club outings and occasional conference activities.

Parent or guardian required to stay on the premises with their children at all times. All children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian for all field trips and conference events. No exceptions.



The Adventurer Club camped in the Pathfinder room the first weekend in February, 2019.  We enjoyed camp food including hot dogs, s'mores, and pancakes.  Just because we were inside was no reason not to have a campfire!  Ours was lit with LED candles, and we gathered around it for singing and worship. Games included Hoot Owl Hoot, Camp (a nature trivia board game), Camp Charades, horseshoes, and an indoor sandbox.  We also worked on Adventurer classwork and earned the Wild Animals Award.  It was fun!