Fellowship Lunch downstairs following the service

2-3pm Women's Ministry Prayer Time in Choir Room

3:30 Nursing Home Singing

7:00pm Benefit Concert for Livergoods by Heaven's Harmony


APR 5 (Wednesday) Pathfinder & Adventurers Clubs 6pm


APR 8 (Sabbath) Speaker: Easter Program


APR 16 (Sunday) 9am Church Workbee


APR 23 (Sunday) 5-7:30pm Roller Skating


APR 30 (Sunday) RKS History Fair/International Festival


1st Sabbath of each month

Women's Ministry Prayer time 2-3pm

Home Singing 3:30


2nd Sabbath of each month

Integrative Health Class 2pm

3rd Sabbath of each month


4th Sabbath of each month

Youth-led Sabbath

Youth Bible Study Series 2-3pm

Rescue Mission Outreach 3-5pm


Every Wednesday night

Pathfinders 6-8pm

(Adventurers 1st & 3rd)

Potluck supper @ 5pm


Every 3rd Sunday

Senior Saints @ 12:30