FEB 17 (Sabbath) Family Sabbath Speakers: Jerry & Suzanne Clayton

2pm Health Class by Doug Williams (C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N. HEALTH)

4:30pm Evening Worship led by Robin Froelich in the Sanctuary

5:30pm Potluck Supper (bring a sandwich tray & fruit salad to share)

7-9pm Group Games for all ages at RKS gym


FEB 18 (Sun) 12:30pm Senior Saints Luncheon

5:30pm Spaghetti Dinner - Pathfinder Fundraiser


FEB 24 (Sabbath) Guest Speaker: David Buruchara


FEB 25 (Sun) 1pm Cooking School


MAR 2 (Sabbath) Speaker: Pastor Livergood


MAR 9 (Sabbath) Speaker: Pastor Livergood


MAR 10 (Sun) 12:30pm Girls’ Tea Party


1st Sabbath of each month

Women's Ministry Prayer time 2-3pm

Retirement Home Singing 3:30


2nd Sabbath of each month

3rd Sabbath of each month

Integrative Health Class 2-4pm


4th Sabbath of each month

Youth Bible Study Series 2-3pm

Rescue Mission Outreach 3:30pm


Every 3rd Sunday

Senior Saints @ 12:30


Every 4th Sunday

Cooking School 1-3pm



1st & 3rd - Adventurer Club 6-7:30pm

1st, 2nd, 3rd - Pathfinder Club 6-8pm